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  • SureCash Mobile Payments for Grameen Shakti Installments
    MoU signed between SureCash and Grameen Shakti to collect installments from 1.6 million customers of Grameen Shakti for environment friendly solar electricity system by SureCash mobile payment platform.
    (Filed: Fri Jan 15 2016)
  • Christian Entrepreneur Virtual Summit to Kick off the New Year
    Be a witness to the convergence of faith and business. NOVEMBER 19, 2015 – On January 29th, Luma Spark, an expert positioning and authority marketing agency, will host Profit with Passion! Summit, the first three-day virtual summit featuring more than 50 Christian entrepreneurs who will share their testimonies of faith, business, and success in doing business God’s way.
    (Filed: Sun Nov 29 2015)
  • Ofcom? More Like Oncom...
    Ofcom’s most recent report on the communications market in the UK proves that as the digital revolution continues to unfold, consumer habits continue to change.
    (Filed: Thu Sep 24 2015)
  • Digital Marketing Services: Tapping the potential
    When it comes to digital marketing services, there are very few names like SRV Media who have stood the test of time and delivered exceptionally good results for the brands that they have handled. Gathering experience and expertise from across diverse domains, SRV media is a premier SEO company Pune that has helped brands evolved into better businesses. With it’s knack for creativity and ability to identify ideas that have potential, SRV Media has never hesitated to walk the rarely treaded path in order to strengthen its pursuit.
    (Filed: Tue Apr 28 2015)
  • Promotional items shop launched in Poland
    Promotional items agency Lpromo has started project in the Polish advertising market. Successful advertising company have promotional items branches in Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, presenting more than 20.000 promotional ideas and solutions in one place, from now on will be available for Polish business and public companies as well. Lpromo experience and effective advertising solutions will be implemented in Poland of experienced professionals consultants
    (Filed: Mon Apr 27 2015)
  • Security Provider Privatoria Enters The Arab Market
    On April 14, 2015 online security provider enters the Arab market. It is an online service, which provides secure communication solution based on WebRTC technology (online text messaging, voice and video calls), anonymous web surfing (VPNs and Tor integrated Proxies) and secure data transfer.
    (Filed: Tue Apr 14 2015)
  • MoGi Group International Set To Move Headquarters to Ireland
    MoGi Group International, a global translation, localization, community management, SEO and copywriting company, is relocating their headquarters from Brussels to Dublin to continue the growth and expansion of the award-winning organization.
    (Filed: Sun Apr 05 2015)
  • Blue Cacti enters Middle East market
    Experiential marketing, brand communication & event engagement agency Blue Cacti enters the Middle East market. After opening its first office in Qatar, Blue Cacti plans to open offices in UAE and Oman by end of 2015 and the rest of Middle East and North Africa region by 2016.
    (Filed: Wed Apr 01 2015)
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