Did you know most businesses have paid a bill twice?

A little known fact in business is that many organisations pay bills twice! Accounts Payable, Audit and Recovery specialists, Twice2much are achieving great success in recovering significant amounts of money for their clients.

[UKPRwire, Thu Sep 10 2009] Twice2much have chosen MIG's iBrochure in order to pro-actively target and educate people about this common problem. Twice2much chose the more interactive solution as opposed to a traditional website to more easily convey the message in a structured format but also provide some base marketing collateral to commence more pro-active digital marketing.
Andrew Cushion, Managing Director of Twice2much, said “We chose an iBrochure because we wanted to make a big impact and create a site that would boost interest and reach a large target audience. The interactive element of the brochure is brilliant as it allows the user to gather information more quickly and easily than a traditional website. We are very pleased with the results and initial feedback has been extremely positive.”
Click here for Twice2much in 2 minutes – www.twice2much.com
MIG’s iBrochure technology can fit many requirements; from the basic iBrochure which is copied directly from your existing artwork, to a bespoke iBrochure which can include features such as a shopping bag, flash animation and sound. It is essential to raise awareness of your iBrochure through email communications in order to drive maximum traffic to it and get a greater return on investment. As part of the Intelligent Marketing® Hub, iBrochures integrate with other MIG solutions including iNews and e-MSG (email and SMS) to successfully broadcast your message to a wide population very easily and effectively.
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