SEO PR – an Essential Component of an SEO Strategy

The name of the game for both is conversions, sales, ROI, profit. Both exist to make your website presence popular and profitable.

[UKPRwire, Sun Sep 13 2009] SEO PR - It's a love/hate thing. Catch them unawares and you'll see genuine affection and mutual admiration – not that they'd necessarily admit it in public. Both proud, both head strong. However much SEO protests that it doesn't really care for or need PR, that it's too deep, too scientific, too technical; however often PR tells you its too artistic, too bohemian, too wind-swept, you've only got to look at the way they work together to see how much they really mean to each other.

Anger is a synergy. Think Lennon McCartney, Sonny and Cher, Bonnie and Clyde, Peters and Lee. It's a natural chemistry, it's symbiosis and since the search engine algorithms started leaning more and more heavily on themed content and semantics the SEO PR relationship is becoming increasingly influential and important.

So where's the common ground? What's the attraction?

Both SEO and PR are trying to achieve the same the same objectives, they have the same endgame and by combining forces through SEO PR both stand an increased chance of getting where they want to go. The name of the game for both is conversions, sales, ROI, profit. Both exist to make your website presence popular and profitable. Not simply by generating high search engine rankings on your keywords to attract increased traffic but by a whole range of on and off page tactics to draw the right sort of audience to your products and services and convert them from mere visitors into customers.

Traditionally SEO has dealt with the technical stuff in the form of meta data, and coding, XML site maps, information architecture, file naming, hosting, file sizes and the rest. It's very, very important stuff and getting the technical side right can take you a long way. Where the PR in the “SEO PR” relationship comes in is by taking this hard work off page, off site and sharing the good news.

PR in the form of Press Releases, articles, regularly updated blogs, and a keen and active Social Media profile is powerful in both creating the content that adds the real value to your proposition and also drawing attention (and inbound links) to it.

SEO PR – can't live with each other... can't live without each other.

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