vMessage proves popular in the marketing and events sector

vMessage.net is helping events and marketing by providing a unique trackable product.

[UKPRwire, Fri Sep 11 2009] Events and marketing companies are turning to the immediate visual impact of vMessage.net to deliver more sophisticated, convenient and traceable messages to potential clients.

vMessage.net allows firms to communicate directly with customers in an online, fully branded environment that can be accessed from desktop computers, laptops and now hand-held devices.

It also allows businesses to see exactly who has watched their message and gives them instance results on its penetration.

To create a vMessage, firms record the video clip they want customers to see, upload it to a personally branded page on the internet and then email the link out to a database of addresses.

Sending a link avoids the need for chunky attachments and because the video is streamed, viewers do not need to pay for downloads or install any particular software to see it. So long as people can connect to the internet, they can see a vMessage.

Viewers watch the vMessage in an online space that belongs entirely to the company that has sent it and so there are no conflicting adverts or content to worry about.

vMessage has been created by Glasgow-based consultancy 0141 Design and co-founder Wendy Kozinska commented: “Our customers love the statistics that vMessage produces of how many times the message has been viewed and if it has been viewed on PC or mobile or both.”

vMessage user Linsey Cox, Owner at LPC Events, said the tracking functions of vMessage were a compelling attraction for clients.

She added: “We are using vMessage as part of our media mix. The more customers we can reach and track, the better for our customers.”

There is a continual struggle to find interesting, effective and engaging ways to interact with customers and make sure that individual messages stand out.

Piping vMessage directly on to the screen of any internet user offers real immediacy. The email format enables companies to tailor the database of addresses they want to target and sending a link rather than a cumbersome attachment means the vMessage is accessible to all.

Mariusz Kozinski, the Managing Director of 0141 Design, concluded: “We recognise that customers are increasingly surfing the web and picking up email on their mobiles, vMessage are proud to introduce a platform that can reach that audience wherever they are.”

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