UK Marketing Firm "Parker Worldwide" UK Expansion Continues

Parker Worldwide Ltd today announced that the company is accepting new clients for its industry-leading, outsourced marketing, appointment setting and lead generation services. Parker Worldwide aim to open in Plymouth in October 2009, providing opportunities for over 50 new recruits working in a progressive environment.

[UKPRwire, Sun Sep 06 2009] Parker Worldwide recognize that our clients needed to start doing business on their customers terms and no longer their own terms. So doing business on the customer’s terms requires a fundamental inversion in the way our clients do business. It changes the starting points, reverses the dynamics and transforms the roles of people. Business in the UK moves from hunter to gatherer, from aggression to assertion, from doing things when and how it wants, to when and how the customer wants.

UK Business used to be powerful, they used to push themselves on customers, persuading them to buy their products whether they needed them or not, enticing them with advertising and special offers, forcing them to come to locations of their choosing and then trying to sell as much as possible when they got there. Customers have played along with this for years because of such limited choice, there was a limit to other companies & sources and lower prices may not have been around for long. The customers accepted this grudgingly as this is what business did.

UK Business has become even more aggressive over the years to a level now where customers reject it. With more and more Adverts interrupting our TV programs, films and children’s viewing, with every other page in your favorite magazine now printed with an advert, with the buying of customers mailing lists and mailing them constantly with the hope of winning their attention by mass marketing their door mats every morning. Companies have now brought customers home and even mobile numbers and continue to call to promote unwanted products at all hours of the day; the same has happened with emails and text messages.

Customers have started to resent this intrusion on their TV’s, in their magazines, on their phone lines, and even on their email accounts. This type of non personal marketing has been forced into our everyday lives. Customers are no longer prepared to accept such forms of intrusive marketing. These types of marketing demonstrate how downright lazy many companies and their marketers have become. Not only do they bombard you, but even add in free gifts to make you feel obliged to respond, sending out unrequested Christmas and birthday cards in the hope that you will feel loyal to their company.

Customers will not be forced anymore. They want to work with you and others but on their terms. Customers want to buy products and services not be sold them. They have the awareness and intelligence to know what they want, they want to be able to ask questions, and express their concerns have personal interaction. Be treated as individuals not statistics. But above all have the human touch that this digital age now lacks.

They are more likely to deal with your company when dealing with highly trained representatives that talk to them on their terms not yours. Who can tell them more about what your products can do for them and not just what they do. Can explain how your products and services benefit the customer, not just explain the features better still talk about what the customer is trying to achieve, and how you can bring together a number of products and services to achieve that. Your customers no longer want to struggle through pages and pages of catalogues and technical specifications listed on websites, they want to deal with real people who can solve their problems and help create the solutions for their dreams.

You need to show customers that you are different, and you can offer them a customer service and unique support that no one else can. What we do for our clients; provide them with a marketing solution which offers all the requirements for the new age customer. Provide services which will make you visible, give you presence and brand awareness, increase your reputation through word of mouth, and improve your image by working closely with target audiences and using a team of experts that deliver your product or service directly to the end user. We provide our clients with a marketing and sales team. With the highest integrity we revere honesty and adhere to the highest ethical standards providing timely accurate and personalized information directly to your customers. We respect all people; we value the differences among them and deal with customers in a way that they want to be dealt with. This requires us to discover potential customer’s needs and feelings and provide them with a solution unique to them.

We achieve this by striving constantly to improve, in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of our clients and customers, we teach and encourage our team to improve their performance and to reduce the cost to our clients and their customers. We base their rewards on results and their promotion on ability.

This sounds obvious but most companies work in a functional system, whilst people work within the limits of their job descriptions. As you go downwards through the organization the fractures become wider, in both purpose and behavior. Staff’s customer service can become diluted. How do you align every part and every person to think breath and be inspired by customers in an organization? How do you align their direction as well as their task around a common purpose, how do you ensure they deliver a seamless experience for customers? Parker Worldwide ensure that their customer purpose is relevant and anchored in every part of their activities internally and externally. We seek to bring the highest customer service integrity and work ethic alive in every person in every action. Through leadership collaboration shared insights and shared rewards, the same passion runs throughout our entire organization and structures support rather than interference. However this is a network- a human network of likeminded people that has made Parker Worldwide such a successful marketing company, and provides us with continued growth.

About - Parker Worldwide Ltd are a Direct Sales & Marketing company. Our Marketing styles are truly unique & allow us to work with some of the top-tier clients, represent some of the world’s most recognized brands, covering many different industries. We achieve success in meeting our clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive environment - making Parker Worldwide a win-win situation for clients and employees alike.

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