Eating Disorder Awareness Week in the workplace: 4th - 10th February

[UKPRwire, Tue Feb 06 2007] CiC (www.cic-eap.co.uk), one of the UK’s leading Employee Assistance Programme Providers, will this week draw employer’s attention to Eating Disorder Awareness Week (4th -10th February 2007). CiC will send all of their clients a fact sheet to raise awareness of the problem and to better inform them on the signs of eating disorders amongst staff, with some pointers to underlying causes.

Kate Nowlan, Director, CiC:

“Eating disorders are very topical at present, with almost every TV and Radio station discussing on the one hand Size Zero models, and on the other the alarming increase in obesity amongst the UK population. But nowhere is the problem more prevalent than in the workplace. People with eating disorders may appear on the surface to be just like you or I, apparently hard working, excelling at their jobs. But employers must keep an eye out for warning signs. They’re not necessarily what you would expect. Eating disorders can affect performance at work, contribute to absenteeism, low morale and secretive behaviour that impacts on work relationships. Many of the traits that signal addictive personalities are echoed in those affected by eating disorders.”

CiC hopes to highlight the severity of illnesses such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity. Their fact sheet will explain the signs of trouble, and hopes to stimulate a debate which might bring this most private and hidden problem more into the open, and so encourage people to seek help.

“Eating disorders represent one of the most difficult psychiatric illnesses to treat. People will go to extreme lengths to hide their condition, even isolating themselves in an effort to keep their eating disorder a secret. It is essential that the issue is addressed however as without treatment long term effects can include malnutrition, heart problems and other potentially fatal conditions. Employers with an awareness of eating disorders can help their employees to receive effective treatment that can lead to full recovery.”

Kate Nowlan, CEO, CiC

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