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  • Housing market still mired in uncertainty
    The slight increase in UK house prices over the last few months, while an encouraging sign that they may have bottomed out, is not indicative of any genuine recovery yet.
    (Filed: Wed Sep 23 2009)
  • Landlords Increasingly Positive about Property Prices
    Latest results from Young Group’s Young Index show the continuation of a rising trend; increasingly positive sentiment among buy-to-let landlords that property prices will stabilise and rise over the next 12 months.
    (Filed: Wed Sep 23 2009)
  • Second Chance for First Time Buyers
    Following its unprecedented launch success, Stewart Milne Homes is bringing the immensely popular First Time Buyer plan back to the market.
    (Filed: Wed Sep 23 2009)
  • Dream job angers Kiwis
    This ‘dream job,’ idea, cashing in on the original Tourism Queensland publicity winner, which provided the chance to take care of a paradise isle for six months, has spawned yet another copy cat – the New Zealand version, which offered an all-expenses paid three-month trip around the country and has been won by, gasp, an Australian…
    (Filed: Mon Sep 14 2009)
  • Floating an idea
    Even before Kate and Leo sailed the story onto the silver screen, the doomed Titanic was one of the most famous shipping disasters in living memory – and now, plans to create a Titanic-themed boutique hotel out of the Belfast shipyard where the original ship was built have been announced...
    (Filed: Sun Sep 13 2009)
  • UK house prices have not finished falling
    The UK residential property market has seen some promising signs of recovery recently, with surveys showing house prices on the rise and a renewed confidence among buyers and estate agents. The house price increase in August was the fourth consecutive monthly gain, and, at 1.6%, the biggest rise since 2006.
    (Filed: Thu Sep 10 2009)
  • House prices see highest rise in 5 years
    For the fourth consecutive month, house prices in the UK have risen in August, by 1.6%. And figures from Nationwide’s latest monthly survey show that they are rising at their fastest rate for two and a half years.
    (Filed: Mon Aug 31 2009)
  • Pickpocketing: so last season
    In a brazen attempt to put Fagin and his ‘gotta pick a pocket or two' team out of business, London has welcomed a new breed of ‘putpockets,' who place money into people's pockets and bags to brighten up their lives - free money in the midst of a recession - what will they think of next?!...
    (Filed: Thu Aug 27 2009)
  • Tomb raider
    One of the world's most famous tourist attractions is a victim of its own success - the tombs of the Pharoahs in Egypt's Valley of the Kings could all but disappear within the next 150 to 500 years if they continue to attract visitors at the current rate...
    (Filed: Tue Aug 25 2009)
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