Quantower trading platform connects to cTrader API

Quantower LLC announced that it has finished the development and deploy of an integration with cTrader™ open API. The new integration widens the list of connections, available in Quantower trading platform. This is the fifth official integration of Quantower, but the first one, that grants an access to more than one broker simultaneously.

New Crypto currency looks to make big waves!

Mikron is a micro payment application based on the new cryptocurrency of the same name, and the team has a great story to tell. “Mikron will allow anyone with the app, anywhere in the world, to connect to the network and make micropayments in seconds.

Hedgestone Group Offers CFD Trading

Hedgestone Group brings the Contract for Difference to online traders. A simple and versatile financial instrument, the Contract for Difference makes more complex trading instruments accessible to traders of all stripes.