24/7 Media assists SME Advertisers tackle Local Digital Advertising opportunity

Published: Thu Sep 19 2013

24/7 Media, a global leader in digital media & technology, announced today a new offering, 24/7 Self-Serve, that will enable small and medium businesses (SMEs) to fully realise sales potential within the massive local digital advertising arena.

Local digital advertising remains the UK’s largest yet most complex and fragmented market and is actively populated by millions of local businesses in comparison to the 10% of large brands driving 90% of all advertising activity at national level. However, although it remains much bigger than any other digital media channel, overall spend is stagnating as publishers and advertisers struggle to cope with scaling as well as the technological abilities they require to achieve stand-out.
A recent YouGov survey equally found that 31% of SME companies in the UK are still happy to attempt their own online marketing activity and are reticent or unaware of the benefits of acquiring specialist assistance.

The new 24/7 Media offering tackles this opportunity for business growth head on and brings a robust self-serve advertising solution that specifically addresses the needs of SME advertising with a cost-effective means of scaling their advertising across Display, Mobile and Video channels.
"Until now Search has been the only easy and scalable route for SMEs interested in digital," said Nicky McShane, Managing Director of 24/7 Media UK. "This market has therefore been dramatically underserved and we are pleased to now offer a much wider, easy and scalable solution for businesses looking at fully utilising digital advertising capabilities, and one which is also more engaging for consumers.

"Self-serve advertising capabilities provide excellent solutions for clients on both the advertiser and publisher sides of our business. As a self- serve URL, SME advertisers simply log into and serve ads themselves, helping them scale their local campaigns across our publisher partners."
Through direct integration into 24/7 Media’s network of premium sites, 24/7 Self-Serve automates the ad buying process for small businesses, speeding time-to-market and decreasing costs while generating new revenues. Launching in the US today, roll-out across EU territories will take place over the next two weeks.

Automating the purchasing of digital media for SME advertisers is equally in line with the evolution of 24/7 Media’s 24/7 Connect proposition, a single, frictionless marketplace that enhances automated buying and real time bidding capabilities for the buyers and sellers of digital media.

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