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Published: Mon Jul 17 2017

While it’s perhaps hard for the rest of the world to imagine how Africa could be technologically advanced in terms of mobile apps, they don’t understand what’s happening on the ground there.

Mobile tech has truly changed lives for the better in Africa. In a region where life can be a real challenge and environments unfavourable, mobile apps have helped make life easier. Thousands of innovative mobile apps have been successfully released on the global market by developers from their college dormitories and garages, and Africa has the potential to be the hub for future mobile app development.

What makes African apps different you ask? The mobile revolution of Africa sprung out of necessity rather than luxury and this makes app development no different. The increasing number of smartphones flooding the African market, mobile networks and ISP’s has opened a huge door of opportunity for indigenous Mobile Apps which instead of being for leisure, tend towards being tools that help people to do something that they’d otherwise simply not be able to do.

Compared to its western counterpart which tends to lean towards being mainly about networking, news, and communication, Apps in Africa are more practical problem solvers. Of course, Africans love many of the ‘big’ global networking apps, but there is a new breed of app taking Africa by storm; Afro-centric apps. "Innovation out of necessity," is what we’re seeing a lot of the mobile app development in Africa geared towards these days.

Presently, there’s a gold rush happening in Africa with mobile app development. Just as folks migrated to make their fortune from gold in the old Wild West, today African mobile app makers are scrambling to release more and more apps; many of which are specifically tailored to improve the lives of locals, and usually take some unexpected forms.

An interesting thing to note about the mobile apps opportunity is the access it provides to a wide global market. An app developed in Africa can be successfully distributed across the globe and can favourably compete with apps from other continents. All that matters is that the app is relevant to the final users.

In Africa, mobile app development is still young and only starting to pick up. There is tremendous room for ventures in Africa to take advantage of the largely undeveloped field of mobile app development and its growing market. Aspiring African mobile app developers therefore, need to increase focus on ‘Afro-centric’ apps and content that are unique to the culture, tastes and uniqueness of our continent.

There is no doubt that mobile devices and apps will continue to have a huge influence on the way we live, interact and do business in the near future. The question now is, are we willing to harness the potentials of mobile app development for the future of Africa ?


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