Battery Electric Vehicle Market: OEMs Consider to Install Batteries with A Shorter Life Span

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Published: Thu May 23 2019

 According to a recently published report, the global battery electric vehicles market is expected to represent a value of over US$ 150,000 Mn by the end of 2022. The global battery electric vehicle market is expected to an impressive growth attributed to surge in demand in the transportation industry. Growing need for vehicles with low maintenance cost and center of gravity is expected to fuel growth of the global market significantly. This Fact.MR report discusses key prospects for growth of global battery electric vehicle market during the forecast period, 2017-2022, offering pragmatic insights to lead market players towards devising & implementing informed strategies.

The quest of automotive industry to threshold its impact on the environment and transform automotive mobility into a sustainable mode of transportation continuous robustly. As such, latest explosion in innovation is fueled by the need to break free fundamental compromises in battery technology. Accordingly, there are a few of the dimensions lithium-ion technologies are compared along— life span; safety; performance; specific power; specific energy and cost. Soaring costs remain the main impediment and the challenge is to lessen manufacturing costs through experience and scale effects as market volumes expand. Inevitably, no single technology wins along all the dimensions. For instance, preferring a technology that optimizes performance alludes compromising on other dimensions.

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OEMs are considering to install smaller batteries with a shorter life span and plan to replace them every five to seven years. This approach would leverage OEMs to use smaller batteries initially, upgrading them as technology advances. The long charging times pose another technical challenge. Robust charging methods which deploy more sophisticated charging terminals can lessen time considerably. Meanwhile, without a major breakthrough in battery technologies, full EVs that are as convenient as ICE-based cars, implying they can travel half a thousand kilometers on a single charger and can recharge in minutes are improbable to be available for the mass market by 2020.

Given electric motors generate near-instant torque while the torque of internal combustion engines soars in tandem with the engine’s revolutions (RPM), battery electric vehicles have fast acceleration and a light feel as compared to traditional cars.

Faced with fuel crisis, battery electric vehicle has been the apt choice with no emissions, thereby receiving green signal from governments across regions. Consequently, pertinent battery electric vehicle players such as Nissan Motor Corporation has adopted bio-based materials to produce paddings and the body of the vehicle. Electric vehicles not embedded with fuel injection systems, costly exhaust system, radiators and starter motor have led to low maintenance cost. As such, low maintenance cost with respect to battery electric vehicles has propelled the growth of the battery electric vehicle.

Battery Electric Vehicle Market: Overview

The report offers a robust analysis on battery electric vehicle market with the aid of qualitative and quantitative assessment. The report focuses on the segmentation of the market to provide thorough analysis on the battery electric vehicle market. Further, the report also shed light on the trends, drivers, opportunities and restraints within the battery electric vehicle market.

By powertrain type, the parallel hybrid segment is projected to represent robust growth in terms of revenue in the global market. Presently, the parallel hybrid segment is projected to represent more than US$ 21,000 Mn by 2017-end. However, the combined hybrid powertrain will continue to witness robust growth as compared to the parallel hybrid segment.

Demand for battery electric vehicle will continue to increase among passengers in the transport industry globally. Passenger cars is projected to witness robust revenue growth in the global market. The passenger car vehicle type segment is projected to represent more than US$ 33,000 Mn by 2022-end. The passenger cars will continue to witness relatively high sales as compared to other vehicles in the global market.

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The report includes executive summary, overview section which offers deep dive analysis on battery electric vehicle market. Furthermore, the report on battery electric vehicle market incorporates the market outlook and market attractiveness analysis which are aimed at proving a coherent analysis on the battery electric vehicle market. The report also focuses on supply chain analysis, cost structure analysis, value projection and pricing analysis to offer readers with a holistic view on the battery electric vehicle market. The report on battery electric vehicle market also throws light on trend analysis, Porters’ Five Force Analysis and value chain analysis. Porters’ Five Force Analysis offers a thorough analysis on competitive landscape of the battery electric vehicle market.

Secondary research and primary research offers a coherent analysis on battery electric vehicle market. The secondary sources includes Factiva, trade journals, authentic paid source and resourceful database. While the primary source incorporates views of experts which can be vouched for, authentic views from seasoned analyst and surveys. Essentially, the report also incorporates absolute dollar opportunity analysis which reveal the growth of the battery electric vehicle market.

Battery Electric Vehicle Market: Competitive Landscape

A coherent analysis of competitive landscape of the battery electric vehicle market is augmented through the perusal of Porters’ Five Force Analysis. The Porters’ Five Force Analysis provides holistic picture on the potential strategic-steps to be undertaken by rivals. The report is furthered by the inclusion of company overview, financial overview, key differentiation, portfolio of the product and recent development.

Leading players operating in the battery electric vehicles market include Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Honda Motor Company, Limited, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Nissan Motor Corporation, Limited, Renault SA, Tesla Motors, Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, and Volkswagen AG.

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