– Mothers UK will enjoy being pampered by their kids in April

Published: Wed Mar 16 2011

Historically, it is believed that the tradition began when daughters were given a day off from their jobs in domestic service, in order to go and visit their mothers and families. They would visit the church on Sunday which is closest to their home, their ‘mother’ church. Inevitably, the importance of a child’s visit to their mother church became a time when families would reunite and spend time together.

Traditional foods are eaten on this day and those who are fasting for Lent are allowed to relax for the day, which is often called Refreshment Sunday. Simnel cake is most associated with this traditional celebration and families sit together to eat the fruit cake, which has two layers of marzipan icing.

Visitors staying in hotel Luton will be able to join in the celebrations as families take a day off and enjoy a traditional Sunday roast dinner in many of the pubs around the area. Many pubs also offer special Mothering Sunday meals which consist of traditional English fare.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented:"Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day as the Brits call it is a traditional celebration and all children will return home to spoil their mothers. Those visiting the UK at this time should book hotels online in advance to avoid disappointment."


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