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From: linwilder
Published: Thu Nov 24 2016

("So, do you like writing your blog each week?" My friend Rachel had leaned forward in her chair to look intently at me. Her expression, earnest and quizzical. The emphasis on the word "like" drawn out, extended, almost a drawl. She had been one of my readers for my latest novel and knew some of the work and energy which had gone into it.

I smiled at her as I thought about her question, thinking, "Yeah, Lin, exactly why do you spend hours most days battling with the clearest way to convey this thought or that character," and "Explain, please, why you set deadlines for yourself which end up driving you nuts and frequently donít meet."

"Because writing tells me what I think." My friend said nothing, clearly trying to understand.

Iíve been asked that question many times. Each time I try to explain, I realize that only another writer can understand how and why writing tells one what she thinks. On the face of it, it sounds absurd. But writing an article, book chapter or entire book demands that one peel back the first few layers and examine, study, discover. Always it is work. To me the finest work there is: Thinking, pondering, weighing. Asking in phrases and paragraphs, the question, "Is this it?"

Not until Iíve written the words, see them sitting there can I think "Yes, thatís it." Sometimes, the process flows easily: A few hours. Other times, not so easy. Many hours, days, weeks, years. Even then, I am aware that I could do better...could spend more time selecting a more precise or economic phrase. But that would mean I would never get to the next topic or character begging for a verbal petri dish.

The Fragrance Shed by a Violet, the sequel Do You Solemnly Swear? and the third in her series, A Price for Genius. The story of the return to faith, Finding the Narrow Road was an unplanned surprise. In her free time, Lin Wilder enjoys hiking, listening to beautiful music, gardening and last but certainly not least, reading. Lin is married to a former Marine and psychologist with 25 years of experience counseling ex- combat veterans. They reside in Nevada with their two dogs.

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