Food branding and packet design plays important role in increasing sales says Cartmelldesign

From: Cartmell design
Published: Wed Apr 29 2015

Cartmelldesign is UK based consulting firm delivering marketing services to companies states food branding and packet design plays important role in increasing sales. New food companies are facing a serious challenge of promoting product and increasing sale in market. The consumers always suspect the quality of new products which comes in the market. Eating of odd foods can lead to disastrous health condition for the consumers later in life. This is why new companies need to establish brand identity and proves that products are good for health to gain credibility of consumers. The company is providing immense help to budding companies to establish their brands and promote the product easily in the market. Actually, food marketing is not easy and should be taken from marketing experts to get special strategies to succeed in marketing quickly. This company is having experienced professionals of food marketing is the perfect place to seek help and be successful in marketing quickly.

"A food company needs to establish a separate identity in market to promote products nicely. Consumers are accustomed of buying food products from established brands found in market. Customers donít prefer to buy new products in suspicion of quality. So, new companies need to create reputation and a strong customer base in market. Reputation of a brand helps in increasing the credibility and gain loyal customers in the market. This is why food branding is extremely essential for new companies to gain popular before launching food products in the market. It instills as sense of confidence among the customers to purchase the products from market. But, food branding services should be taken from the marketing experts to succeed quickly" Ė says Nick Cartmell, Managing Director of the Cartmell Design Pvt. Ltd. He said this while addressing a seminar regarding food marketing in Kent, yesterday.

He continued, "A packet design plays an important role in increasing the sale of products in market. The design of the packet should be attractive and colorful to allure and influence decision making of customers to buy products from shop. Everybody likes to buy products having attractive packet found in the shop. Research the market to find out the preference of potential customers to add in design and engages more with products. Expert designers should be hired in designing the packet keeping in view the preference of customers. Packet should contain nutritional facts of the products is looked by consumers before buying. Good nutritional facts coupled with good design packet greatly enhance the sales of products in the market".

He further said, "Beverage has become an essential food item for consumers around the world. This is taken during party to get refreshed by the people instantly. Numerous companies are coming in market to get promote products. But, new beverage companies are facing challenge in promoting and getting more sales in market. Special marketing strategies need to be taken to increase sale of products with the help of marketing experts".

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