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Published: Mon Jul 17 2017

Why is automated visitor management system most preferred to Guest Registration?

The lobby is the single-most important security point in any building or facility where protection of personnel and property is paramount. In many facilities, guest registrations are still administered using a handwritten paper log. While this method is perceived as quick and easy, it provides virtually no security and leaves visitor information available for anyone to see. Automated visitor management systems lend a more professional appearance, enhance security and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data which an ordinary paper guest registration can not provide

Visitor management systems are designed for the needs of any size organization and provide a comprehensive enterprise solution for guest registrations, tracking, reporting, badge printing and management of assets. With an automated visitor management system that comprises visitor management software tools and ID validation, combined with physical barriers and a well-designed lobby, you can keep the wrong people out and let the right people in, more quickly and efficiently.

Ringit visitor management software maximizes your front desk’s efficiency by managing your guest registration process, allowing the receptions to focus on other security tasks while your visitors sign in with the following key benefits;

Register and sign in visitors quickly and easily in your lobby.

Allow employees to register visitors ahead of time and be notified when a visitor arrives

Check visitors against security watch-lists and provide additional safeguards.

Issue secure visitor badges and conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data.

Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process with visit rules and verification.

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