Hermetic Packaging Market - High Reliability Factor in Advanced Packaging Demands Growth

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Published: Mon Oct 08 2018

Hermetic packaging is defined as an advanced level packaging technique which has it primary applications in passive and active electronic devices and it also has usage in semiconductor and electronics industry. Increasing demand for solutions primarily for high reliability and often advanced performance applications, and are extensively used in defense, aerospace and military along with commercial applications are fueling the demand for hermetic packaging across different regions.

The hermetic packaging market has been segmented into by type which includes ceramic-metal sealing, reed glass, transponder glass, passivation glass among others. The market has been segmented into by end use industry which includes automotive, aerospace and defense, healthcare, telecommunication, industrial equipment, among others. The geographical segmentation of the hermetic packaging market includes, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, North America and Middle East and Africa (MEA).

In order to prevent any sort of outside physical and chemical or environmental contamination and to protect highly sensitive electronic components used for critical applications which include aerospace, military and defense is one of the major driving factors for the market.

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Hermetic packaging prevents liquids and gases from entering the package cavity where the die is mounted. Additionally, owing to the hermetic package materials, these are able to withstand and work in higher temperatures. Furthermore, hermetic packaging prevents the semiconductor component from any sort of corrosions more efficiently than any other equivalent plastic packaging. There is different sort of hermetic packaging technique possible which includes multilayer ceramic packages, metal can packages, pressed ceramic packages.  In case of multilayer packages, the ceramic tape layers are primarily metalized, laminated and then fired to create the package body. Moreover, pressed ceramic packages are usually a three part construction which includes base, lid and leadframe.

Furthermore, metal can packages consist of a metal base with leads exiting through a glass seal. Transistors, lasers, sensors, photodiodes, MEMS switches among others are some of the prime application area of hermetic packaging.  Increasing demand for high end packaging techniques in automotive and telecommunication industry is one of the prime factors behind d the growth of hermetic packaging market.  

Additionally, rising application of hermetic packaging in the medical industry is another major factor fueling the market. High electrical insulation, mechanical stability, protection against corrosion and prevents chemical contamination and pressure transmission are some of the major attributes of hermetic packaging which in turn is increasing the usage of hermetic packaging across different end use industries. Semiconductor components are primarily made of gallium arsenide (GaAs) or silicon (Si) are highly sensitive and require protection against, soiling, damage, aggressive chemical substances or humidity.

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In order to avoid any sort of contamination the application of the hermetic packing is growing in different industrial components. Strict rules and regulations regarding the packaging materials and increasing packaging cost are some of the restraining factor for the market. Growing adaptation of hermetic packaging across research and labs instrument application along with aeronautics and space and automobile are some of the major opportunities for the market.

In 2016, Asia Pacific accounted for the largest market share in terms of revenue for the hermetic packaging market, followed by North America and Europe. China is leading the market for hermetic packaging in Asia Pacific. Additionally, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and India are holding prominent position in the hermetic packaging market in Asia Pacific.  In North America, the U.S. accounted for the highest market share I n terms of revenue, followed by Canada and Mexico. Moreover, Germany, Italy, the U.K., France is major contributors contributing of the hermetic packaging market.

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In South America, Brazil and Argentina both are anticipated to encounter positive development over the forecast period from 2017 to 2025.In Middle East and Africa (MEA), there has been positive development and advancement in the field of semiconductor and electronics packaging and other industries for instance; healthcare, automotive and high growth of industrial sector is fueling the demand for hermetic packaging market.

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