MoGi Group International Set To Move Headquarters to Ireland

From: MoGi Group International
Published: Sun Apr 05 2015

MoGi Group International specializes in translation and localization, copywriting and SEO, customer support and community management, as well as games testing. The organization works in over 40 different languages and only uses native speakers to ensure high-quality services.
The relocation of all major services to Dublin will allow MoGi Group International to take recent growth and expansion to the next level - as well as putting the company in prime position at the heart of the gaming industry - as Orad Elkayam, CEO, explains:
‘We could not be more excited about moving to Dublin,’ he said. ‘Ireland is the central hub for so much of the video game community and industry, so moving MoGi Group International right into the heart of the action is fantastic news both for us and our clients.
‘As a company, we are always looking to progress. Moving to Ireland will enable us to grow and take our services – from copywriting and SEO to translation and localization, as well as customer support and community management – to the next level, whilst keeping our prices as competitive as ever.’
The new headquarters in Dublin will replace the existing office in Brussels. MoGi Group International also has offices in Germany and Greece and has employees from all over the world.
With Dublin set to become the nerve-center for all major operations, there is a great deal of excitement within the company for what the future holds.
‘We can’t wait to get started in Dublin,’ said Mr. Elkayam. ‘Our core ethos is to provide the very best services at extremely competitive prices. As a company, we are growing fast. Moving to Ireland will see us expand further and keep our services and prices to the excellent levels our clients expect.’
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MoGi Group International is a localization, translation and game testing provider. With linguistic expertise in over 40 different languages for every genre of game, MoGi Group International delivers high quality QA testing and localization services. Working on small-to-large-scale projects, MoGi Group International caters to the cultural and linguistic needs of both its clients and its customers. For more information, visit
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