Oxford SEO Company, Momentum, Partner with Enecto to Improve Lead Generation for Businesses

From: Momentum Web Solutions
Published: Tue Apr 06 2010

Momentum, the fast-growing Oxford SEO company, today announced a partnership with Enecto – one of Europe’s leading web visitor analysis software providers.

Enecto delivers bespoke analysis and reporting on your company’s web traffic. Unlike the holistic view provided by web analytics packages like Google Analytics, Enecto’s software, which can be integrated with a company’s CRM, can provide the name of the company who is interested in your products or services, and even deliver custom content to different visitors.

"We often get asked for help with SEO when our clients find that they’re not receiving the best quality leads or not driving the right type of business to the website," says Senior Account Manager at Enecto, Nigel Lindsay-Smith. "Our clients were very impressed with the quality of Momentum’s data. They currently don’t have great traffic, and realise the need to build an SEO/SEM campaign and attach that to our product so they can get some ROI from their website."

Jonathan Fink, Managing Director and Founder of Momentum, comments on the partnership, "Knowing who is interested in your website, what market sector they’re in, which products and services they’re looking at – is powerful information. Combine that with targeted SEO copy and the result is high quality lead generation, delivered direct to your sales teams."


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