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From: Parker Worldwide Ltd.
Published: Sun Aug 15 2010

Parker Worldwide, is the new Direct Marketing and Sales Company to hit the UK marketplace, with reported record sales in July 2010 in only its second year in UK business.

The buzz about Parker is spreading like a fire storm throughout the marketing industry. Marketing Insiders say this company has all the ingredients to become a European giant in the years ahead. With plans to open over twenty five new offices in Spain and Portugal over 2011 and hit fifty UK offices by 2012.

Launched in UK March 2008, Parker Worldwide came out of the gate with a bang. With the philosophy of 100% promotion from within, and no seniority. Every person in our organization starts off at the entry-level position regardless of degrees or experience to insure that the associate will learn all aspects of our company.

Associates are promoted through our program based on three factors: work ethic, ability to manage people and clients, and aptitude for learning. With advancement based on results, uniquely positioned clients, and global marketing strategy, Parker is positioned to attract Industry leaders by the hundreds, after making such an impact on the entire UK ISP market.

With their head UK office based in Southampton Parker Worldwide works with international companies in industries ranging from, construction, cosmetics, digital TV, telecom, financial services, power and even charities.

The demand for our experience and the results we produce have soared as our reputation and client base spreads in the UK and rest of Europe after the success we have had working with our leading client "Talk Talk" Britian’s fastest growing phone and broadband specialist. Parker is destined for a bright global future as the company no stranger to international expansion.

About US:-

Parker Worldwide Ltd is a Direct Sales & Marketing company. Our Marketing styles are truly unique & allow us to work with some of the top-tier clients, represent some of the worlds most recognized brands, covering many different industries. We achieve success in meeting our clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive environment – making Parker Worldwide a win-win situation for clients and employees alike.

Contact :-

Boyd Parker,
Parker Worldwide Ltd,
2 Saxon Gate,
Back of the walls,
SO14 3HA
Tel: 02380 381080

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