Press release: New book teaches B2B companies to make successful complex sales

From: Onefish Twofish
Published: Fri Jan 15 2010

UK B2B marketing agency, Onefish Twofish has launched a new book: How to Sell Clever Things to Big Companies. Carrie Bedingfield, an expert in helping businesses build a pipeline for complex/big ticket B2B sales, authored the book.

The book is important because companies selling complex B2B goods and services often struggle to articulate their offerings in a simple and clear way, leading to a loss of sales. Numerous B2B companies have used the concepts in the book to create a strong pipeline of leads and sales.

"How to Sell Clever Things to Big Companies" provides fresh insight on the full range of core issues facing B2B companies:
- how to build trust-based relationships when most contracts are ‘jobs for the boys’
- how decision makers think – and three ways to get their attention in a noisy world
- defining your most profitable target market – the race you can win
- packaging up what you do so that it’s super-easy for prospects to buy
- creating a website that truly generates buzz and new contacts for B2Bs
- spreading your marketing risk: the top down and bottom up approach
- using innovative approaches to break into hard-to-reach companies

With a fresh and personable style, the book is full of insight and practical ‘how to’ guides for organisations trying to crack into large new companies and contracts. As an experienced and innovative marketer, Carrie Bedingfield is well placed to offer tried and tested methods for success.

How to Sell Clever Things to Big Companies is available at for £15 plus P+P.
Press: to request a copy of the book, please contact

About Onefish Twofish

Onefish Twofish is a B2B marketing company, focused on selling complex or intangible services to big companies. Working with over 50 fast-track companies each year, Onefish Twofish creates and delivers strategic marketing campaigns. As a full service agency, the business positions companies in their most profitable space, generates new opportunities, nurtures leads to fruition and creates powerful brands with creative and knowledge-based communication.

About Carrie Bedingfield

Carrie Bedingfield is a bright talent in B2B marketing. She founded Onefish Twofish aged 25 and wrote her first book before reaching 30. Working with a wide range of fast growth companies and growing her own business rapidly, she has developed a systematic method for building B2B businesses with remarkable results. Carrie is available for press and TV interviews.

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