See how one thirty-eight year old man handles the problems life throws at him in his search for his father.

[UKPRwire, Thu Jan 19 2012] Patrick A. Davy has delivered a riveting account of the main character, Pete Mitchell, search for his father in the book THE RIGHT TO BELONG.

Young adult readers and beyond will find themselves intrigued by this 22,000-word book which depicts a male protagonistís bout with locating his birth parents and, along the way, handling the difficulties that life throws his way.

Bothered by not knowing his father, thirty-eight-year old Pete prompted to start a search after watching a television show about single parents and developing a belief that a father must take care of the child he helps bring into the world. His search, however, would be easier if the family members who know the whereabouts of his father would help.

After Pete finally finds his father, another set of problems commence and are centered around the sharing of his fatherís possessions with his fatherís two other children. There are also disagreements about the amount of money that should be spent on the fatherís burial. Peteís troubles and disagree-ments, with his siblings, range from his siblings tampering with their fatherís will to them having him thrown in jail on a trump up charge. Ultimately, after he attends court and gets out of jail, Pete encounters more problems trying to get the house his father wants him to have.

PATRICK A. DAVY grew up in Jamaica, West Indies and now lives in Long Island, New York with his wife and sons. He said, ďSince I am available to my sons at all times, I know how important it is for a father to be involved in his childrenís lives. My availability to my sons and my experience of growing up without a father motivated me to write this book.Ē

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