UK Marketing Firm Parker Worldwide, Developing Marketing Professionals in a Recession?

From: Parker Worldwide Ltd.
Published: Sun Feb 28 2010

It is widely recognized that marketers need to update their skills and knowledge throughout their careers, but from an organizational perspective it is even more important in a downturn to improve or consolidate business performance. The investment in a marketing team in such times may have an important motivational aspect in staying positive and help retain top talent.

However, the nature of training and career development through qualifications has evolved to become more flexible, focused on-demand, what we call continuing professional development. Marketing practitioners can rarely afford large blocks of time away from the office and two evenings per week at a college is a heavy commitment. Parker Worldwide takes on greater importance with the planning and development in a self-managed way that should be relevant to the progression needs of the individual and the organization.

Parker Worldwide place great store on career oriented lifelong learning. Development can be provided through seminars, workshops, master classes, conferences and exhibitions, in-company development and private study. Distance-learning and interactive digital delivery platforms are also growing in importance as learning vehicles for the time-starved practitioner.

Parker Worldwide client demand for growth this year has forced them to implement all the Business Development platforms to ensure that every member of its team has 100% support, business and personal development to maximize our market growth in a recession. If you create a solid foundation now, then just wait until the economy comes out of the recession and goes into an up cycle.

Professionals have had to adapt to the rapid pace of change, especially in embracing and implementing new technologies in all aspects of marketing. The IDM in particular warns of the dangers of skill shortages in the emerging applications of digital media. In the Direct Marketing sector development of skills in software applications for prospecting and lead-generation for better ROI becomes more focused in difficult trading conditions.

Companies like Sage and Siebel have changed the way marketers do business with contact management and CRM software that enables more effective targeting whilst supporting sales people closing leads. Our 100% one on one personal training and online training through demos, videos and white papers are helping to provide the technical and marketing expertise needed to combat the business conditions in this recession for our entire team.

Yes, our one on one training is a huge cost but the benefits of a developing our team creates a new culture and give people without experience the chance to succeed in a new career. This can only be seen as a worthwhile investment in the overall business development for 2010.

Parker Worldwide says keep UK scam free, never pay any money for any career, or career training,! Make sure you do not have to invest any money for your company training, if you do then stay well clear, If you’ve parted with your money for a training and received nothing useful in return you can inform the Office of Fair Trading, Consumer Direct and the police.

Parker worldwide ltd was established to service an identified gap in the market for quality face to face customer acquisition teams in the UK and Europe.
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