Web analytics are for the webmaster, whereas LEADSExplorer is for businessmen

From: Engago Technologies Ltd.
Published: Sun Jan 17 2010

The Internet service LEADSExplorer delivers actionable information for businessmen by identifying the visitors on your website by company name and their interest in products or solutions.

Web analytics solutions provide aggregated data concerning the traffic and the flow of the visits on the website with goal to provide website statistics and analytics for improving the website efficiency and conversion. This data is to be used by the webmaster or the web marketing manager.

However, all other departments of a company have a different need for website information: to know who visits the website, interests and their increase or decrease of interest.

- Marketing will be interested in visiting companies for lead generation.
- Salespeople are interested in potential buyers or the see how people have reacted on a telephone call or email.
- The CFO and CEO will be interested to know the visiting financial institutions.

Every department has different reasons for retrieving visitor centric data from the web site, not generic website traffic data.
The visiting data needs to be represented "visitor centric" and to be formatted in a comprehensible manner with useful actionable information.

In order to address the need for "visitor centric" information, LEADSExplorer provides:
- Company name, language, country, …
- Pages visited, time spent on pages, indicators of interest, …
- Increase of decrease of interest
- …
Information ready to be used by every department in the company.

For more information about this powerful "visitor centric" information and customer intelligence system, please visit: www.LEADSExplorer.com

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