WoodburnerWorld’s New Webcam Offers Fantastic Views

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Published: Wed Nov 14 2012

It’s not too often that an online retailer goes to the extent of creating a webcam feed for its visitors; but apparently, Woodburning-Stoves.co.uk isn’t ‘every other retailer’.

Specialising primarily in alternative sources of heating for households such as wood burners, multi-fuel stoves along with a variety of other heating equipment and accessories; WoodburnerWorld is thoroughly relishing the current cold spell. Coupled with a cost in price rises for gas and electric and it’s easy to see why this particular website is becoming a big hit at the moment.

The new webcam that is being fed to a live stream on the website is currently located atop of the building that the staff members reside in. A few weeks back, someone realised the view they had was something that most other people didn’t have the luxury of; as such, they wanted to find a way to share it – and this is what they came up with.

However, with the current weather taking a turn for the worse, it’s expected that the views from the webcam over the next few weeks might be quite glum. But with potential snow on the way, who knows what might come up on the cam; be sure to check back often as the cam updates several times a minute!

Scott Morris, E-Commerce Manager at WoodburnerWorld added the following comment: "We’re always looking for non-conventional ways to improve user experience on the website and this is proving to be a great addition so far. Not only do people stay around to view the cam, but some people come to the site because of it – this is something we hadn’t anticipated at all... If only we lived near the sea, the view might be even better!"

So, those who wanted to buy a traditional wood burning stove with a view, look no further.

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