Woodburning-Stoves Announce New Writer for News Blog

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Published: Thu Sep 27 2012

The position of writer on the Woodburning-Stoves news blog is not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure. The news-feed turns over fresh, new, informative articles every week; ranging between 3 and 5 dependent upon how featured they have been in the news.

There are a variety of talented writers within the business itself, however, their expertise can’t always be fully utilised due to them undertaking a variety of other projects. This leaves the door open for other people who have knowledge in wood burners to take advantage of their absence and write some creative pieces for the blog.

The newest writer, Jane Simmons, is a professional copywriter with over 13 years experience in writing and journalism along with several years of experience in home renovation. Through this wealth of practice she has come to be a leading figure in regards to improving the look and feel of homes; as such the Woodburning-Stoves team felt she was extremely qualified for the position advertised.

The news feed & blog features a wide variety of content varying from the best selling products this week to reviews on the highest rated multifuel stoves and other highly reviewed products. On top of this, there are a variety of news related articles and how-to guides to provide current stove owners with ideas and other related content.

James Hickman, Managing Director at Woodburning-Stoves commented on the blog and writers involved: "I’ve dealt with many of the people who are currently writing for us and I can say without any doubt that they are all truly superb writers and extremely skilled in their craft. Where possible, I like to keep article writing within the business as we only hire the best people for the job. However, due to other in-house projects, this isn’t always possible and as such we outsource the content to highly qualified writers with a vast experience in the field that the business is targeting."

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