eComeBack internet marketing tool rolls out

From: Yellowbelly Online Ltd
Published: Thu Feb 03 2011

A system to help garages, and a range of other businesses, generate more revenue from existing customers has been launched by Yellowbelly Online Ltd. The Lincolnshire based internet marketing company is rolling the automated email reminder and newsletter software.

The eComeBack system is designed to be very easy for garages to operate. All they need to do is record the email address of a cutomer when they are having their car serviced or having an MOT. Yellowbelly then organises to send the customer a reminder to return to the garage after a pre-dertermined interval for the next service or MOT.

eComeBack also sends regular newsletters to inform customers about special offers and most importantly to give them seasonal motoring advice. The aim is to get the customer to return to the garage for, say, an antifreeze check before the winter or to get the car checked over before they go on holiday.

Over the couse of a year the system costs only pence per cutomer, and far less than the cost of postage. If only 10% of customers make one extra visit per year a small garage will have made more profit.

eComeBack is also very suitable for any business that has a need to be in contact with their customers or clients on a regular basis. Resturants, hairdressers, dentists and garden service companies have all expressed an interest in adopting the system.

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