A Concise Guide to Buying Agricultural Implements

From: Lemken India Agro Equipment Pvt Ltd.
Published: Wed Aug 12 2015

Farming and crop cultivation are tedious activities that involve heavy work and several difficult procedures. It is practically impossible to carry out the entire process manually. Tools and machinery are a necessity. There is a wide variety of agricultural equipments and machinery that is used in the process of farming. They can be purchased as second hand items, or as new products, from reputed and trusted agricultural implement manufacturers and farm equipment plough suppliers. Altogether, these implements can be broadly divided into the following categories, depending on the purpose for which they are used.

• Soil cultivation equipments – These equipments are used to plough the soil and prepare it for cultivation. Some of the equipments that belong to this category are mould board ploughs, spike, drag and disk harrows, power harrow parts and tillers of several kinds.

• Planting machines and equipments – These equipments help in planting the seeds and saplings over large areas of land, once the soil has been cultivated. Some of the products that fall under this category are broadcast seeders, seed drills, precision drills, air seeders and transplanting equipments.

• Irrigation machinery –This class of equipments helps to carry out the process of irrigation, and includes pump units and central pivot irrigation systems.

• Harvesting machinery – Once the crop has been fully grown or cultivated, the time for harvesting arrives. Harvesting machinery such as diggers, trailers and pickers help in this activity.

• Miscellaneous agricultural equipments – There are other activities that need the aid and assistance of agricultural implements and equipments as well, such as haymaking, loading and shredding. Several equipments are made for these purposes as well.

Choosing the right supplier –
As with all products on the market, agricultural equipments and machinery such as tractors, power harrow parts, irrigation implements and mould board ploughs also have several manufacturers and suppliers. Some of the things to take into consideration when buying you equipment are explained below.

1. List the tools and equipments needed – Before diving into the purchasing activity headlong, decide on the kinds of machinery and equipments needed. This helps to limit the spending spree and to only purchase those items that are actually necessary, instead of buying a whole range of implements and equipments that you may not even need.

2. Chart out your budget – This is another technique that goes hand in hand with the first. It has similar benefits, and helps you refrain from overspending. Prepare a budget before you place your order or respond to a quote by an agricultural implements manufacturer.

3. Identifying the method of purchase – Farm machinery, equipments and implements can be purchased or leased. While the smaller toolsare not normally leased out, large equipments and machinery can be. This is an ideal option for people who do not want to or are not able to invest in their own heavy equipments and machines. The benefits of leasing also include the fact that the lessee need not pay taxes on the leased equipments.

4. Opting for second hand machinery – People involved in the farming business can also opt to purchase second hand machinery. Several farm machinery dealers and even farm equipment plough suppliers deal with second hand machinery and equipments. Most of these are in good working condition as well. This makes it possible to get the right equipment for a lesser cost.

5. Abide by the regulations – Get to know about the presence of any governmental or local regulations related farming and its associated activities and make sure that you abide by them. This prevents penalties and extra expenditure in the future and also helps to build goodwill.
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