24 7 Parking Comment On New Clamping Laws Being Considered By Parliament

From: 24 7 Parking Limited
Published: Sun Feb 28 2010

24 7 parking, experts in finding affordable long term parking in London, comment on the news that independent tribunals are being set up to help motorists who are clamped on private land.

The tribunals will have the power to cover all areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and are part of amendments made to the Crime and Security Bill. The bill is currently going through parliament, and if successful, will mean that motorists will have the ability to challenge clamping fees levied through rogue clamping firms.

Clamping firms will have to ensure that signs are displayed with a minimum standard of visibility and their release fees will be capped - thought to be set at slightly more than the maximum local authority charge of 70. If overcharged, the firm will have to repay the excess amount. If successful at tribunal, motorists will be able to apply for compensation for incurred charges whilst the car was out of commission, such as taxi charges or vehicle hire.

"This is great news for motorists and we desperately hope the amendments to the bill succeed. Clamping firms have all too often acted like corrupt town sheriffs, taking parking law into their own hands," said Peter Cooper of 24 7 Parking. "Clamping is especially costly for people who are penalised for parking in London, and there are many areas where the law isn't clearly outlined and motorists get hit hard in the pocket as a result. The possibility of compensation for outside charges will make companies think twice before unfairly clamping a vehicle, and will hopefully help them to get their acts together."

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