Anchor Vans reports increased sales of new and used 4x4 vehicles caused by extreme weather condition

From: Anchor Vans
Published: Tue Apr 06 2010

One of the leading vendors of used vans in the UK, Anchor Vans, reports that the snow and extreme weather conditions in January and February caused a significant increase in sales of 4x4 vehicles. Many areas in the UK were brought to a near standstill by several inches of snow, however owners of 4x4 vehicles were able to drive in the difficult conditions whilst other drivers were forced to abandon vehicles or simply stay at home. For more information call 0118 9710 230 or go to

"The snow was a mixed blessing for us," commented Simon Joyce, Sales Director of Anchor Vans. "We found it just as inconvenient as many other retailers, however, it has increased the popularity of the 4x4 trucks that we stock. We've had business owners coming to us to buy the double cab 4x4 models that can be used as a workhorse in the week and yet are comfortable enough to use as a family vehicle at the weekends. They cope so well in the snow, and are so versatile, it's no surprise they've been so popular over the last few weeks."

When asked if a particular model has been in more demand than others, Simon replied; "Not really, we stock a wide range of Ford, Nissan and Mitsubishi 4x4s with different specifications, and demand has been comparable across all of them. With the technological advancements that have been made in recent years, these 4x4s are really impressive now, and have comfort features such as leather seating, electric windows and air conditioning that make them as pleasant to drive as a luxury car. For a business," Simon added, "having a vehicle that isn't held back by the snow is a great advantage, and can save them a lot of money."

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Anchor Vans specialises in quality new and used vans in the South East of England. Anchor Vans is already the largest centre for new and used vans in Basingstoke, Newbury and Reading run from its main road Padworth site. Anchor Vans is well known for its competitive "lease to buy" schemes and for the quality of its website which allows customers to view pictures of all 350 new and used vans in stock. Anchor Vans has an extensive service centre with facilities for all classes of MOT for cars, vans and minibuses. Recently granted Ford approved service agent status, Anchor Vans has built a reputation for dependability and supplying high quality new and used vans.
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