Anchor Vans reports that used van prices are at an all time high, with no signs of imminent change

From: Anchor Vans
Published: Mon Mar 01 2010

Anchor Vans - one of the leading vendors of used vans in the UK reports that used van prices are at an all time high. Prices of used vans steadily increased over 2009, but used commercial vehicle prices have reached even higher levels in early 2010. Simon Joyce, Sales Director for Anchor Vans, explains the reasons why the prices have risen further, and why there are no signs of any change in the near future. For more information call 0118 9710 230 or go to

"The used van prices that we are seeing in the industry today are extraordinary," commented Simon. "The increase over 2009 was remarkable, but I realised today that I am buying used vans at trade prices which are the same as sale prices this time last year. That really is something I've never seen before, and I don't think the end is in sight."

When asked what factors have contributed to these prices, Simon replied; "There are several factors, but the recession is at the root of it. During the recession, companies that buy fleets of vans delayed replacing those vans, which is a major source of commercial vehicles for the used van market. Coupled with the fact that there have been fewer individual private buyers of new vans too, there simply aren't as many 1,2 and 3 year old vans out there," Simon explained. "Used van prices aren't going to drop any time soon for the same reason. Even if fleets are replaced this year, there will still be reduced numbers of two year old commercial vehicles, and next year, fewer three year old used vans. That's why we're going to see these high used van prices for some time."

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Anchor Vans specialises in quality new and used vans in the South East of England. Anchor Vans is already the largest centre for new and used vans in Basingstoke, Newbury and Reading run from its main road Padworth site. Anchor Vans is well known for its competitive "lease to buy" schemes and for the quality of its website which allows customers to view pictures of all 350 new and used vans in stock. Anchor Vans has an extensive service centre with facilities for all classes of MOT for cars, vans and minibuses. Recently granted Ford approved service agent status, Anchor Vans has built a reputation for dependability and supplying high quality new and used vans.
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