Driving theory test- Special needs

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Published: Wed Jul 07 2010

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) offers or provides a number of facilities for those with special needs, which includes foreign language voiceovers, extra time, British sign language interpretation, reading difficulties and translator assisted tests.

How do candidates with special requirements take the theory test?

The following services are available for candidates with special requirements. At the time of booking all the listed facilities or some special needs need to be demanded.

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Facilities for those whose first language is not English:

If a person has difficulty while reading or understanding English well, he or she can demand a voiceover in one of 21 languages. With the help of headphones a person can hear the theory test instructions and questions. Automatically the question will be read out to you and by touching the text on the screen; you can also hear the answer options. By simply touching the text of the question onscreen again; you can hear the questions as many times as you want.

Foreign language voiceovers are available in the following languages:

Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Dari, English, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Kashmiri, Kurdish, Mirpuri, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Pushto, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Welsh.

Translator assisted tests:

You can also request to have a translator assistant for driving theory test if required voiceover is not provided in the language which you need. You can get the details of the relevant DSA approved translators which include names and contact details from the call centre agent. To arrange a test date with the translator and driving test fees, you need to coordinate with him/her.

Facilities for those with reading difficulties:

You can ask for an English or Welsh voiceover, if you are suffering from dyslexia or any other reading difficulties. The standard time for multiple choice part of the driving test is of 57 minutes, on request you can exceed it up to double but for this you will have to send a proof of your reading difficulty to the theory test booking customer services.

Facilities for those with hearing difficulties:

You can ask to take the theory test in British sign language (BSL); if you have hearing problem or you are deaf. The standard test questions and answers of BSL interpretation will run alongside. An interpreter can be taken into the test centre, if you donít want to use BSL interpreter. This facility has to be arranged by the theory test customer services section which is available at free of cost.

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Other special requirements:

You can contact the theory test customer services section if the facilities which are listed above donít meet to your requirement or you have a special requirement. They will discuss your requirements and match or compare the facilities available with them which are required.

If you are appearing for driving test you must be a holder of a valid provisional driving licence then only you can appear for driving theory test and after passing driving theory test you can appear or apply for driving practical test.

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