Elite Tyre Solutions has incorporated Nexen tyres in its store as per the increasing demands of the drivers in Luton, and hopes to increase its sale of Nexen tyres.

[UKPRwire, Tue Oct 15 2019] Elite tyres solutions, one of the leading auto garages in the UK, has unveiled its new brand incorporation in its arsenal of existing vast collection of tyres. With the increasing inquiry at the garage about the Nexen’s performance and budget tyres, it has took the step to stock Nexen’s top model car tyres in its facility. The garage provides excellent condition tyres in all of Luton and neighbouring areas. With the inclusion of Nexen in the store it want to suffice the need of drivers in Luton to get affordable budget tyres that are also high on quality.

Nexen is a brand that has been in the market since 1942, and has been continuously evolving itself ever since. The quality of tyres have improved significantly in the last few decades and therefore, the drivers community is shifting its focus towards Nexen substantially. The company was highlighted in the market, when they won numerous global awards for their tyres like IF Design Award (2011), Dot Design Award (2012), G-Mark (2013), IDEA Award (2014). Experts at Elite tyre solutions suggest that the increase in demand can be accredited to many car manufacturing brands who are using Nexen for their original equipment.

The Nexen tyres that are highly recommended by Elite Tyre Solutions are:

N blue ECO
The tyres are manufactured to cater to the needs of summer conditions and have been a sensation among the drivers community. The tyres are not only eco-friendly, but also saves greatly on fuel. The low noise and superb wet performance makes it comfortable to amazing levels.

N Priz AH8
The tyres Luton is known for its high performance even when the weather is not suitable that is winter conditions. The sipes present in the tread of these tyres makes it easier to control a vehicle in harsh winters. Some of the extra added feature consists low noise and high fuel efficiency.
N8000 is made to impart ultra high performance for both wet and dry conditions. The tyres are a hit in the sports category. N8000 comes with a rigid shoulder block and unparalleled asymmetrical tread patter that helps it to offer great handling.

N Fera AU5
The tyre come with the promise of unmatched comfort and longevity. It is best for people who want a long lasting tyre that perform excellently on all the parameters attached to a tyre.
The Garage is excited to tell its customer about its new sentry for a better and safer rides on the roads of the UK.

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