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From: Hertz Europe Limited
Published: Wed Oct 27 2010

Hertz Green Collection of cars is the product of Hertz innovative propensity to offer to its hirers yet another option of eco - friendly cars. These cars are fuel efficient, for they emit fewer pollutants while being driven on the road. Those who are conscious of the environment and wish to keep it free of pollution prefer to opt for Hertz Green Collection for hire when they set out on a journey either on business or on leisure. Conscious of maintaining the environment clean even when running official errands and also while enjoying a holiday, travelers are aware of their obligation towards nature and environment.

Hertz Green Collection of cars is fuel efficient vehicles as they achieve 45-65mpg, depending on vehicle size. They prove to be more efficient than cars with regular fuel. Traveling in these cars is indeed a great feeling and the realization that we have our humble contribution in saving the planet is a comforting thought. Travel in these cars is more satisfying.

All these cars belonging to Hertz Green Collection have low levels of less than 140g/km CO2andthus are instrumental in creating a safe environment. This level of CO2 is lower than the stipulated requirement level to be maintained in accordance with norms set by European Union ‘European Automobile Manufacturers Association’.

Hertz Green Collection of cars can be booked on line. Making a prior reservation is essential to ensure availability of car of your choice. Select the vehicle from the ones available and opt specifically for Green Collection in the menu on the home. Hertz provides a safe comfortable car rental journey in a car of your own choice. In case an additional driver is required, a fully insured driver will be provided. The hirer and the driver are amply insured.

On verification of their credentials the keys of the chosen car are handed over to the renter to hit the road. On road 24 hours emergency services are provided and also medical assistance is made available. Thus Hertz Green Collection of cars enable the tourists to have a smooth drive in environment friendly cars, causing less pollution to other brands of cars. These cars with EPA highway fuel Efficiency rating of 28 miles or more per gallon are really fuel efficient. To name a few of Green Collection of cars are Toyota, Prius and Camry, Ford Fusion, Buck La Crosse, Sabaru Outback and Hundai Sonata Hummer H2 & H3, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Town Car, Ford Shelby GTH etc, provide a wide choice for the traveler. They enjoy traveling in these eco friendly cars assisted by quality services rendered by the outlets of Hertz car rental.

In case you are conscious of saving the environment and are sensitive about it book a car from the Hertz Green Collection and enjoy an eco friendly drive to the satisfaction of your conscience. Book Now
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