Leading used van retailer Anchor Vans celebrates the 45th birthday of the Ford Transit van

From: Anchor Vans
Published: Tue Aug 31 2010

Anchor Vans, one of the leading vendors of used vans in the UK, is celebrating the forty fifth birthday of the Ford Transit Van. The first Ford Transit was released in August 1965 and since then over six million of its various models have been sold across Europe. For more information call 0118 9710 230 or go to www.anchorford.co.uk.

"We all raised a mug of tea to the Ford Transit here at Anchor Vans when we heard of the birthday," said Simon Joyce, Sales Director of Anchor Vans. "We've been selling new and used vans of all makes and models for over twenty years, but the Ford Transit really is a perennial favourite. In fact, there is such demand for used Ford vans that we established a dedicated micro site just for them which has proven to be very popular. A lot of our customers genuinely see the Ford Transit as ‘The Backbone of Britain' just like the advert said!"

When asked why he thought the Ford Transit has been so successful, Simon replied; "When something becomes this iconic, it's easy to think that there's an element of nostalgia, or just huge amounts of brand loyalty, but when it comes to the Ford Transit Van, that's not the whole picture. The Ford Transit van is exceptionally reliable, and when you need a good workhorse for a business, that's so important," Simon explained. "The other contributing factor is the sheer variety of Ford Transit vans available. There are over 140 configurations of the current Transit van design launched in 2006, for example, so there is always the perfect van for someone's needs." Simon added; "I think the success of the Ford Transit van is well deserved, so happy birthday to it, and many happy returns!"

About Anchor Vans

Anchor Vans specialises in quality new and used vans in the South East of England. Anchor Vans is already the largest centre for new and used vans in Basingstoke, Newbury and Reading run from its main road Padworth site. Anchor Vans is well known for its competitive "lease to buy" schemes and for the quality of its website which allows customers to view pictures of all 350 new and used vans in stock. Anchor Vans has an extensive service centre with facilities for all classes of MOT for cars, vans and minibuses. Recently granted Ford approved service agent status, Anchor Vans has built a reputation for dependability and supplying high quality new and used vans.
Company: Anchor Vans
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