Radenso Radar Announces Launch of New Radar Detector

From: Radenso Radar
Published: Tue Aug 25 2015

"Many radar detector enthusiasts have long been looking for an exciting new product, that appeals to the requests and concerns of the community, said Radenso Radar CEO Michael Berg. "We felt that there was a niche for a new type radar detector company for people who are looking for something special and who listens to their most loyal customers."

Although there are several established radar detector companies in North America already, Radenso Radar intends to offer more, having developed a cutting edge radar detector with long range radar detection and enthusiasts developed features. "At Radenso Radar you’ll be able to see a great product becoming even better and better with the feedback and support of our engaged customers," Berg continued. "Our German engineered, state of the art Radenso Pro Radar and Laser Detector has changed the game in the radar detector community. With frequent, cost free firmware updates our customers are actively involved in the development of our products."

Radenso Radar will launch a remote installed radar detector later this year, which the company claims to have the longest range of all radar detectors available in the market and will follow up with the release of additional new models in 2016.

"See our product portfolio grow considerably within the next 2 years," Berg said.
Company: Radenso Radar
Contact Name: Michael Berg
Contact Email: sales@radenso.com
Contact Phone: 1-1

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