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From: Ultimotive Limited
Published: Fri Sep 03 2010

As the uncomfortable heat of midsummer makes way for the more picturesque and light days of September and October a growing number of us are making plans to get away. This is one of the reasons why the sale of roof racks rises dramatically at this time of year, with many car owners and families looking at buying roof racks to enable them to get away without having to sit on the roof themselves. There's no doubt at all that roof racks provide a range of advantages, either enabling families to attach roof boxes or suitcases to the roof, or taking other equipment along such as bicycles, skis or surfboards.
The range of uses and applications of roof racks is extensive, but in spite of this there is a significant problem which has been facing many of those looking to buy roof racks this September. Most high street retailers have limited space and for this reason they are only able to offer a very limited range of roof racks, meaning that not everyone will be able to find a roof rack which fits their vehicle securely.
Ultimotive is an online supplier of roof racks which is able to help a large number of families find roof racks which are an exact fit for their car, providing peace of mind and reassurance. Many high street retailers have got round the problem of only being able to stock a limited range of roof racks by supplying roof racks which are adjustable. However the problem with many of these is that by incorporating adjustability within the design of the roof racks, durability and strength are compromised, resulting in a poorer level of safety and security. Customers visiting Ultimotive's website are able to use a simple menu system which will provide a wide range of roof racks specifically designed for their exact make and model of vehicle.

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