Benefit Managers Facing Impediments Are Missing Opportunities Says New Voth Nixon Group Report

From: Voth Nixon Group
Published: Wed Sep 16 2015

The research also revealed that 68% of those surveyed also believe that constant mounting demands force them to increase their results with fewer resources, which indicates that they have to alter the way they operate in order to create the required time they can allocate to adding value to their work.

"The results of our study have determined that retirement and benefit managers from across the globe are under increasing pressure to concentrate on delivering superior performance even though they are regularly facing time constraints due to their daily tasks" said Abigail Nixon, Managing Director of Voth Nixon Group. "In order to overcome this phenomenon they need to identify the operations which are truly creating value for their respective clients and companies and are being undertaken to the most effective degree; this will allow them to filter out unnecessary and time constraining activities and will enable them to focus on more valuable opportunities".

According to the study about 72% of retirement and benefit managers believe that their occupational duties will double in the future, with an increased focus on control and oversight, financial management, and employee appreciation. The participants have also named Asia-Pacific and Europe as the most important regions to concentrate on in the coming years.

"The majority of the study’s participants believe that truly valuable opportunities are determined by corporate leadership getting actively involved in the international management of retirement and benefits, such as designing strategies for individual regions according to their characteristic economic model or developing general guidelines which will ease day-to-day operations. The objective here is to create the necessary time to deliver value. In order to do so international retirement and benefit leaders need to implement coherent strategies and management approaches and sustain them with the relevant tools that ensure a rapid share of results and experiences, thus allowing their teams to pinpoint the methods and opportunities which work most effectively" concluded Mrs. Abigail Nixon.

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