Brunel Franklin wins thousands for London family

From: BeyondPR
Published: Tue Feb 02 2010

Faced with some unexpected bills and the rising cost of living, father-of three Trevor Lynch of Streatham took out a £48,000 loan with Paragon which used brokers Central Capital/Central Trust. The company arranged the loan over the telephone and offered him more than three times the amount he’d asked to borrow. PPI was included automatically and Mr Lynch says he was told he’d get the money back if he didn’t make a claim. However, he wasn’t informed that the policy was optional or that the cost would be added to the loan and interest charged on the total amount.

It was only when paperwork arrived detailing the payments that the scale of the problem became clear. ‘It wasn’t explained properly to me at the time and I wasn’t told I didn’t have to have it. It just seemed to be tied in and part of the agreement. We needed the money so I felt I had no choice,’ explained Mr Lynch, 45.

Despite working long hours as a gardener and mobile groundsman, the high monthly payments continued to put a strain on the family’s finances until Mr Lynch surfed the internet looking for help. He logged on to Brunel Franklin’s website, took the company’s 60-second online test and was relieved to learn he had grounds for compensation. "It was all very easy after that as the company did all the legwork and saved me a lot of time, trouble and worry," he said. "I couldn’t have reclaimed the money on my own as it was so complicated and needed handling professionally. I was very pleased with the service and delighted to get my money back. I know people who are in a similar situation and I’ve recommended Brunel Franklin to them. I now feel I have been a bit naïve not to realise the PPI was optional, but you don’t always get round to studying the finer details and small print; you expect people selling you financial services to explain everything, I trusted them’ he added.

Sally Bowyer, managing director of, said Mr Lynch’s experience was far from unusual.

"Vendors of financial products have a clear responsibility to explain to customers exactly what is being sold but we see thousands of cases where this just hasn’t happened. It is completely unacceptable to add PPI automatically to a loan and leave people with excessive payments that plunge them deeper into debt," she commented.

"Anyone who wants an insurance policy has the right to shop around for the best deal but many lenders choose not to point this out to their customers. Fortunately the culprits are now being forced to pay up and mend their ways. People who think they have been mis-sold a policy should seek expert help straight away to recover their hard-earned cash," she added. has vast experience of securing compensation from financial institutions and has won over £100,000,000 for its clients. If you have grounds for a claim, it will be pursued on a no-win, no-fee basis by a team of experienced staff dedicated to achieving the maximum payout possible.

To find out if Brunel Franklin can help you, just log on to and take the simple 60-second test. Alternatively, you can telephone 0800 0515451 free of charge.

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