DowCoin Wallet: Easy Payment in Over 10,000 Stores

From: DowCoin
Published: Mon Jan 15 2018

After its successful ICO from November 10 to December 10 and the recent opening of a new Dubai office, cryptocurrency company DowCoin is now announcing the launch of its new wallet. The DowCoin Wallet went live on the Ethereum Mainnet on January 2.

DowCoin executive Saket Kulkarni about the new wallet: "DowCoin is now an accepted payment token in more than 10,000 online stores worldwide – from, Uber and Marks & Spencer to KFC, Pizza Hut and TGI Friday’s. First surveys show a high rate of user satisfaction, both with the selection of shops and the usability of the wallet." As developer Satyam Agarwal adds: "However, we are always striving to improve user experience further. We will launch an even better user interface in just a couple of weeks."

The DowCoin Wallet can hold DowCoin (DOW) and Ether (ETH) and enables transfer of these currencies. Users can check the transaction hash on Etherscan to confirm the completion of the transaction. It also permits import and export of private keys, allowing for easy transfer of funds from and to other wallets belonging to the same user, and viewing of the transaction history of these addresses. In order to provide maximum safety for users’ funds, DowCoin Wallet offers two-factor authentication. As a bonus feature, users can check live rates of Bitcoin, Ether and DowCoin within the wallet.

DowCoin is a project of Dow Blockchain Technology FZC, Dubai. For more information about DowCoin and DowCoin Wallet, please visit

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