Enness Global announces record year with 9 billion in financing enquiries

From: Enness Global
Published: Thu Dec 16 2021

Enness Global, the high-value, international debt and finance broker, last week announced that it had achieved a record-breaking year in terms of financing enquiries.

The firm received 2,468 qualified leads in 2021, representing more than 9.11 billion in financing requirements for high-net-worth individuals and corporations. The firm brokered deals for nationals from 48 different countries.

Enness Global is headquartered in London's Mayfair and has offices in Switzerland, Jersey, Monaco and Dubai. The firm reported that closed deals brokered in 2021 showed an average mortgage amount of 3.69 million and clients purchased global property valued at an average price of 7.43 million. This year Enness Global's clients had an average net worth of more than 12 million and an annual income in excess of 300,000.

Founded in 2007, Enness Global initially launched as a mortgage brokerage for high-net-worth individuals. Brokering property finance remains one of the firm's key offerings. However, the firm has complemented its property finance brokerage offering with high-value international finance brokering capabilities in recent years. Today, the firm is considered one of the leading brokers internationally for million-pound-plus bridging finance, corporate finance, private debt, luxury asset finance and portfolio finance deployed domestically or in cross-border deals. Enness Global reported that the firm arranged finance for individuals and companies in 20 different countries over the course of 2021, reflecting the firm's expertise in brokering international debt.

The firm also brokered its largest-ever loan in 2021. The team negotiated a $150 million loan in a securities-backed deal. The loan was particularly unusual in that it was secured against a single line of stock.

'We are delighted with our results in 2021,' says Enness Group CEO, Islay Robinson. 'The significant increase in Enness Global's brokering requests in 2021 highlights a shift in positive attitudes towards finance and debt.

High-net-worth individuals and successful companies are looking to use finance as a tool to help them meet their goals and ambitions. However, we have seen that a broker is still required when it comes to negotiating significant finance - our clients want a partner to help them access the very best rates and terms. Our expertise is particularly valued when there is an international element to the deal, which we are seeing more regularly in our clients' financing requests.'
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