Ephraim Global Announces Increase In New Investor Numbers

From: Ephraim Global
Published: Mon Oct 12 2015

Ephraim Global announced today that is has benefited from a sharp spike in its investor roster numbers even though both the Asian markets and particularly the Japanese market are facing a difficult period.

The Tokyo-based asset management company said that its decision to reduce the management fees for corporate investments was instrumental in grabbing the attention of potential clients, especially from competing firms.

Howard Dempsey, Chief Financial Officer at Ephraim Global said, "I will admit that I was rather surprised at the number of inquiries we have received lately if we take into account the fluctuations we are seeing on the Japanese markets as well as the mainland Chinese markets, however it is pretty obvious that many investors were dissatisfied with the expensive management fees they were being charged despite receiving what they described as inadequate returns".

At the beginning of the year Ephraim Global Senior Vice President, Caleb Gotch, declared that the company would be reducing management fees by 20% to mirror its certainty that it is able to deliver enticing returns, and also as a bonus for long-standing investors.

In the months that followed the implementation of the cut the company has taken on 44 new corporate clients, out of which 32 still work with existing consultants, though with mitigated exposure, while 12 have allocated the responsibility for their complete portfolio to Ephraim Global.

"A number of investors have decided to place a portion of their capital with us while still collaborating with their current adviser, which is not unexpected given the fact that they may have established a long-lasting partnership with them; however we welcome the chance to prove ourselves by delivering the superior returns that they expect", concluded Mr. Dempsey.

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