Ephraim Global Appoints Clive Gunner As New Director Of Human Resources

From: Ephraim Global
Published: Tue Dec 01 2015

Ephraim Global, the Tokyo-based asset management company, has announced today that Clive Gunner has been appointed as the new Director of Human Resources for the enterprise, replacing interim director Tatsuo Kurosawa who will resume his responsibilities as director of human resources of the company’s multi asset department.

In his new role, Mr. Gunner will be responsible for leading Ephraim Global’ human resources proceedings, the team responsible for approving new hires at a corporate level, as well as participating in the planning of the company’s social responsibility and charitable programs. Additionally, Mr. Gunner will likewise participate in Advisory Board meetings when it convenes. He will assume his new responsibilities effective November 30.

"Clive has played a pivotal role in Ephraim Global’ development over the last 4 years" said Caleb Gotch, Senior Vice President at Ephraim Global. "He has done a splendid job supervising the transition to our sector executive model, lead the hiring efforts of key talent in a number of departments and on more than one occasion was instrumental in initiating companywide employee satisfaction studies that have uncovered necessary aspects and areas of improvement. Mr. Gunner’s new position will allow Ephraim Global to make full use of his extensive human capital expertise".

Clive Gunner joined Ephraim Global in August 2011 and served as implementation officer for planned corporate revisions and was later appointed as a senior advisor to the former director of Human Resources, Ms. Kerstin Soderstrom. He joined Ephraim Global from Affinity EP, where he managed Human Resources, after holding increasingly senior positions as a managing consultant and firm executive.

Commenting on his recent appointment, Mr. Gunner said: "I am very thankful for this appointment and quite glad to see that my efforts in previous years have not gone unnoticed. Ms. Soderstrom has accomplished a number of significant improvements during her tenure which I have observed first hand, and I would like to take this time to thank her for being a mentor as well as a friend. I would also like to thank my colleague Tatsuo Kurosawa for taking charge in a moment of difficulty and also to reassure everyone at Ephraim Global that the Human Resources Department will function to the standards established by my predecessor".

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