Global energy companies get serious about biofuels

From: Aston Lloyd
Published: Mon Feb 08 2010

On February 1st Royal Dutch Shell announced a plan to create a $12 billion biofuel producing joint venture with Brazilian company Cosan. Many analysts believe Shell are betting on green energy becoming mandatory around in the developed world in coming years, and on agricultural commodities becoming more and more in demand. Announced on the same day was the news that commodities investment company Aston Lloyd has sold out of the first phase of its industry-leading agricultural land investment project.

As the demand for biofuels increases, the demand for agricultural land also goes up, as the race for an alternative energy source is on. Alternative fuels produced from plants such as wheat and corn are in high demand, as well as crops which do not place the same pressure on food production, such as the so-called ‘wonder plant’ Jatropha, a high-yielding resilient crop which grows where food crops cannot, and so is leading the alternative investment wave.

Shell claims that biofuels emit more than 70% less carbon dioxide that traditional fuels, a fact that Joseph Upchurch, Managing Director of Aston Lloyd, says can’t be ignored,

"Only by investing in developing arable land can we help to halt climate change. Not only are investors helping to change the world, the demand for biofuels is providing a strong return on investment for our clients."

Aston Lloyd is currently running an agricultural land investment project in Ukraine, generating high returns by developing under-used land and pushing crop yields up. With further alternative energy investment projects to follow, the company believes the demand for biofuels can go some way to being supplied.

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