Instant Mortgage Repayment Calculations with Free iPhone App GoCalculate

From: Go Remortgage
Published: Sun Jun 06 2010

In a dream world, we’d all be able to afford that fairytale home but the stark reality is that most of us will merely settle for a ‘nice’ place to live that’s in line with our financial means.

House buying can be one of life’s most stressful periods and anything that makes the process that little bit easier is certainly worth its salt.

Thanks to Go Remortgage, iPhone users now have a little helping hand that could save you both time and money.

GoCalculate is their brand new iPhone app designed to help you quickly tot up your monthly mortgage payments. Simply input how much you wish to loan, over what term, and interest rates, and the calculator gets to work and provides you with an instant repayment figure.

Imagine standing outside an estate agents and noticing various houses that take your fancy; simply flick to GoCalculate and in seconds you’ll be fully aware of whether each potential home is within your budget.

The same goes for online browsing; you can analyse your shortlist of houses and weigh up how much the monthly repayments will be on each one, which can help make your final decision.

Calculating a mortgage payment certainly isn’t rocket science but you’ll be amazed what some brokers and agents will charge for providing you with details on monthly repayment options. This totally free mortgage calculator negates the services of such a person, saving you money in the process.

Armed with information from various lenders and their current interest rates, you can experiment with different loan amounts and different rates to see how it would affect your monthly payments and the time it will take you to repay your mortgage or loan – so the ball is totally in your court.

GoCalculate is available now for FREE at the Apple App Store:

About GoRemortgage:

The GO team of fully-qualified Mortgage Officers are people just like you. Over the last 12 months, we have all witnessed a changing financial landscape which has affected all our lives. What is also true is that, in light of this period of rapid change, we all have an opportunity to review and look at our finances.

From a period of reasonable stability, we have seen interest rates fall and flexibility in the range and number of financial products reduce so, today, it is important that we all rethink our finances. Credit cards, store cards, hire purchase, secured loans, bank overdrafts and mortgages all need to be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

With recent changes in interest rates and house prices in the UK, everyone, at every stage of their life, should be encouraged to review the way their home is financed. If you have been renting in the past, now could be an exceptional opportunity to get onto the housing ladder.

If you have a short-term interest only mortgage, or any mortgage which allows you the option to review, now is the time to speak to GO.

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