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From: Bordeaux Wine Company
Published: Tue May 18 2010

Firstly, it is important to make known with no uncertainty that Fine Wine Investment ( ) should always be considered for the medium to long-term. This is primarily because of the nature of the commodity and the fact that the market is predominantly retail based. Unlike the stock market where small bid/offer spreads apply, fine wines are traded with larger margins, and incur certain fixed costs. Therefore an investment is almost always in a loss making situation at its outset.

If it were not for this factor then short-term gains would be available and the Fine Wines Market would soon become as volatile as the modern day stock markets.

Traditionally, the cheapest way to buy and sell wine has been at auction although these establishments can represent a minefield for the novice investor, also the buyer does not receive an accompanying investment service. BWCs service is to make trading wine as easy as trading shares through a stockbroker whilst offering value for money over the term of the investment.

In an effort to remain as transparent as possible, with every purchase we issue a detailed breakdown of our charges. It is certainly important to note that there is also no central index to dictate pricing. Because of this, prices will differ from broker to broker and auction to auction dependant on competitiveness, services and inclusive features.

The Bordeaux Wine Company ( ) is an independent retailer without ties to any producers.

Based in London, they offer their services to both private individuals and corporate clients. The Bordeaux Wine Company ( ) is in its seventh year of trading and doing very well, with the company building an excellent reputation for integrity, service and value in the market place and has over 500 private clients in the UK alone. Operations in the next few years will see the extension of coverage, spreading to the Far East and the US, and other countries are firmly on the company horizon.

With their knowledge and contacts in the wine industry, they assist their clients in selecting and purchasing the desired wine. They act as agents, sourcing wine for clients through both their UK and French suppliers.

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