NPO’s Conclude Voth Nixon Group Strategy Program

From: Voth Nixon Group
Published: Thu Oct 08 2015

The Voth Nixon Group Strategy Program couples NPOs which are facing a mission crucial challenge with seasoned Voth Nixon Group specialists. Throughout the ten-week long program Voth Nixon Group employees work partially for the charity, uncovering thoroughly studied and efficient solutions which can be used to enhance organizational growth and project development, extend its influence and strengthen its effectiveness.

The participating teams revealed their concluding strategic propositions in a presentation at Voth Nixon Group’s corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, each of them receiving grants to begin applying their teams’ recommendations.

"We are glad to have the opportunity of putting some of our best minds to work, assisting NPOs in extending their influence and having a much more visible positive impact in their communities" said Abigail Nixon, Managing Director of Voth Nixon Group. "Throughout the yearly run of our Strategy Program, Voth Nixon Group professionals have established long-lasting friendships with a number of participants and the dedication of these nonprofit leaders bring represents a source of inspiration to us all".

In 2015, Voth Nixon Group professionals have donated an excess of 5,000 hours, proportionally approximate to a market value of $700,000 based on industry standards, not including the additional value brought on by Voth Nixon Group’s professionals’ suggestions and strategies.

"The Voth Nixon Group Strategy Program is about taking the most talented minds available and leveraging their vast knowledge and resourcefulness to increase the impact of innovative solutions" said Carl Zayn Senior Development and Strategy Manager of Voth Nixon Group. "Unlike conventional volunteer projects, the Strategy Program goes beyond simply showing how to obtain the desired results by assisting NPOs exploit their inherent strengths. By blending the mission expertise of these organizations with our specialists’ meticulous analytical abilities we gain the capacity of helping NPOs grow consistently and visibly improve the success rate of their efforts which translates into a much wider impact in their communities."

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