No Hidden Fees with QuickQuid Payday Loans

From: QuickQuid
Published: Wed Aug 25 2010

QuickQuid payday loan terms are transparent to customers and contain absolutely no hidden fees. While other lenders may surprise customers with annoying extra fees that increase their payday loan costs, QuickQuid charges:

• NO application fee
• NO same-day funding fee
• NO monthly account maintenance fees
• NO extension fees
• NO collection fees
• NO post default interest

QuickQuid payday loans require only a flat finance charge for the services provided when customers pay by their due date. Customers paying late would incur a default fee, one of the lowest in the industry. These charges are clearly defined and presented to every customer prior to signing the payday loan agreement. These practices affirm our commitment to transparent lending.

Responses in a recent survey confirm that our customers feel the same way:
"…you know how much the [QuickQuid] charge will be up front. There are no hidden charges so you are not taken by surprise--unlike Bank Charges." – Mary T.
"Quick Quid tells me exactly what I have to pay and by when - I always know what I owe and what I’m being charged for." – Peter G.
"…QuickQuid is a fixed rate with no surprises."—Christopher B.

Should questions ever arise, QuickQuid payday loan customers know they can contact us via phone, email or online chat.
QuickQuid will continue to communicate with our customers in an open and honest manner, consistent with our commitment to be the UK’s #1 trusted online lender.
Company: QuickQuid
Contact Name: Andrew LaPointe
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Contact Phone: 0808 101 7453

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