Payment System VISO Raised $1m to Launch Cryptocurrency Wallet, Cards & Smart Terminals Network

From: VISO
Published: Mon Mar 12 2018

VISO is a blockchain based full cycle payment system that can combine the standardized benefits of traditional electronic payments and cryptocurrencies together. Using VISO's native smart terminals, local retailers are able to receive payment from customers in local currency through these terminals, buyers can use cryptocurrency, bankcard or e-wallets for the payment.

The VISO system performs the conversion and other processes required for payment. VISO empowering buyers to conveniently and quickly pay at any point where common bank cards are accepted. This alleviating the strain on how cryptocurrencies are spent. At the same time, the point of sale saves money on equipment: the smart terminal serves as a cash register, and payment and bank terminal. VISO makes cryptocurrency payments convenient and legitimate.

VISO has successfully conducted a Pre ICO - over USD 200,000 was raised in November 2017. In total, about USD 1 mln has been raised so far. The open sale of VITO tokens will last until May 1st, 2018. VISO's native VITO tokens are built upon the WAVES Platform. The price of 1 VITO token is USD 0.1. The native VITO token is an internal currency for the VISO payment system, this will secure its liquidity. VITO tokens do not entitle holders to receive any of the company's profits. Token holders can count on revenue from the subsequent token sale or exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Where do we go from here?

The funds raised during the ICO will be spent for the purchase of smart terminals, the launch of the processing center, and its certification in the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard.

Plans for March 2018 include the launch of smart terminals distribution, and the launch of the electronic VISO wallet, prepaid VISOCardLite plastic card, and the VISO cryptocurrency exchange. Plastic VISO cards using Visa or Mastercard technologies (standard CardPro cards, contactless HCE cards, Virtual cards) will be launched in June 2018, along with SmartBalance technology (this being payments for goods from a cryptocurrency card linked with the VISO wallet). VISO will be launched at the international market for cryptocurrency and electronic payments in November 2018.

Reference information:

VISO is the first company registered in Georgia that has launched an ICO. The date of incorporation is August 30, 2017. The headquarters is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. There are more than 20 employees. The company was founded by the successful entrepreneurs Vasil Khanishvili (law firm Mrcheveli, L.B Invest (sale of cash registers), microfinance organization NovaCredit), Grigory Gurbanov (PayMob - developer of mobile services), Egor Petukhovsky and Sergey Popov (CKT - developer of software for financial and banking sectors).

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Company: VISO
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