Prudential reports Britons favour spending on holidays over saving for retirement

From: Prudential
Published: Wed Oct 12 2011

Prudential has revealed that nearly three million working age adults will prioritise going on holiday over continuing to save for their retirement as their finances are squeezed.

The survey asked non-retired adults in the UK to outline their spending priorities when faced with a reduction in monthly expenditure as incomes are frozen for many and living costs increase.

Prudential's research also found that an estimated 2.5 million Britons (or 10 per cent of those who have started saving for retirement would, if forced to make the choice, continue to spend money on nights out with friends and trips to the cinema ahead of maintaining payments into their pensions.

In a similar vein, more than 2 million would choose clothes shopping or going to the hairdresser ahead of payments into their retirement savings.

The figures highlight how saving for retirement is less of a priority for many in the current financial climate. Having previously revealed that more than 1 in 3 non-retired UK adults have no private or company pension, Prudential's research has also found that almost a quarter wait until they are 31 years old before paying anything into a pension.

Vince Smith Hughes, Head of Business Development at Prudential, said: "Given the choice, many of us would opt for the immediate benefits of a holiday or a night out with our friends over saving for retirement. However, I'm sure we would all like to be able to continue topping up our tans occasionally or going out for meals after we have retired. So it is really important to strike a balance and keep building up a pension that can support the lifestyle we want to have in later life.

"As people tighten their belts it is important to think about the long-term impact of financial decisions and spending patterns. Those looking to maximise their retirement income should start saving as much as possible as early as possible in their working lives. Even small contributions can make a significant difference to a pension if invested early. And a consultation with a professional financial adviser will help you make the right long-term and short-term financial decisions."

Notes to Editors
Prudential's insights based on an online survey of 1,602 non-retired adults in the UK, conducted by Research Plus in August 2011. The numbers of non-retired adults in each category above have been estimated using the Office of National Statistics data relating to the number of non-retired UK adults (37.73 million).

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