QuickQuid Sponsors Credit Actionís DebtCred

From: QuickQuid
Published: Mon Oct 31 2011

QuickQuid, an online short-term lender, recently formed a sponsorship with Credit Action in an effort to provide financial support to Credit Actionís DebtCred program. This sponsorship will enable Credit Action to conduct 25 workshops reaching 750 students with the important message of financial education.

"As a loan provider dedicated to responsible lending practices, we believe that it is important to educate as many people as we can about the importance of responsible money management. This sponsorship reflects our initiative to provide payday loans only to those who absolutely need them, and not to take advantage of any person's financial difficulties," says Arad Levertov, Head of QuickQuid Operations.

Credit Action is a national money education charity that operates at both the local and national level through a variety of targeted projects. These projects place emphasis on providing help to those most vulnerable to financial difficulties.

QuickQuid hopes that through this sponsorship, the public will be better informed on how to manage their finances, resulting in a less need for emergency assistance. QuickQuid strives to provide its customers with safe and reliable short-term loan services, being careful to only approve applications that meet our responsible lending criteria.

For more information about QuickQuid or the new QuickQuid/Credit Action sponsorship, contact Marvin Gurevich at 0808 101 7453 or media@quickquid.co.uk.


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Company: QuickQuid
Contact Name: Marvin Gurevich
Contact Email: media@quickquid.co.uk
Contact Phone: 0808 101 7453

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